Why Choose Us

We want to be your technology partner and empower you to maximise your online learning potential.

Making the complicated things simple

Advicator is created by geeks to give its users the advantage over their competition, maximise revenues all deployed rapidly without any dependency on coders and programming.

Created from the ground up

Many systems in the current payment and billing space are legacy system that have just been updated to fit requirements. We’ve designed Advicator with the end goal in mind; to be the best-in-class technology platform.

Made by Geeks

We’re passionate about the quality of our work. Our UK development team strive for nothing but the best code resulting in the best platform for you to use.

We’re highly scalable

Design to handle an infinite number of traffic bursts, it doesn’t matter whether you send us 400 visits or 400,000,000 visits a day, our rapid deployment auto-scaling technology comes from the top-end. We use Amazon’s web servers, so you never lose out because of poor performing servers.

We’re Modular

You don’t have to use all of our features (although we advise you do), you can take whatever aspects are relevant to your business needs and handle the rest yourself.

We’re flexible

We’re always expanding our platforms capabilities. Have a custom requirement? Let us know what you want and we’ll get it sorted

We’re Fast

One of our core principles - past, present and future - is to deliver a landing page super fast. Anywhere in the world, our speeds will put you ahead of your competitors - landing pages loaded before the browser window has even finished opening, globally!

We make life easy

Has a working relationship broken down? You can very quickly and easily switch payment provider routings to one that is sending the bigger Christmas hamper with a few clicks – they don’t even need to be an existing provider to migrate to us quickly.

We’re super secure

We know your data is sensitive, which is why we have some of the most secure practices and standards. We treat your data as if it were our own, and security underpins everything we do.

We make you more agile

One of the main benefits our clients switch to us is the turnaround times. Most businesses have a waiting list of things for their developers to build, or a lengthy process that relies on developers doing something to move things along. Advicator takes away the hold up.

We help prevent fraud

Our fingerprint detection systems uses intelligence to alert you to any potential fraud. Giving you the option to take the necessary action.

We handle multiple currencies

You can choose to view stats and reports in local or converted currencies at the flick of a switch.

We keep a good log

To offer the fully granular detailed view, we log anything and everything we can. That way you can do any investigatory work you want.

We filter out the bad guys

How many times have you designed a highly converting landing page only to find it on an advert spy tool website, with your competition shortly ripping your design? Say goodbye to the without bot, VPN and spam prevention functions

We help you stay in budget

Before you open the floodgates, you might want to test new markets, services or providers and set up limits to ensure you don’t end up having all your eggs in one basket.

Build landing pages as you like

We have a range of high converting landing page templates ready for you to use out the box. We can also integrate your own templates that you’ve designed or, best of all, you can use our drag-and-drop landing page builder to create on the fly.

We’ll tell you things others wont

With our intelligent alerts, you’ll be able to see if your payment aggregator/provider is suffering with bottlenecks or even cut you off. We bet we’ll tell you much quicker than they do.

We do the impossible

We often get feedback that they don’t believe what we claim we do is possible. It is. Chances are we’re doing it for your competitors right now.

We’re going places

We’ve got lots of new features in our pipeline, however we want to give our clients the edge so we won’t be listing them all here for our competition to copy. However, we’re sure, over a drink we could let you in on the insider scoop

So, the question is what are you waiting for?

Ready to go, out the box, be live with a new service in minutes… without any coding or developer involvement